Main services

  • Screen

    If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
  • Battery

    If your device is not charging, not holding a charge, or dying faster than it should.

  • Watter damage

    Depending on the severity of the damage and what parts were affected.

  • Home Button

    If the button does not respond, is jammed, or is removed.

  • Charging port

    If you power down the device and it turns right back on or you are having trouble connecting the device to a computer or charger.

  • Microphone

    If you are unable to communicate in a call or if voice control isn’t working.

Main Services

  • Headphone Port

    If the port is damaged or is unresponsive to the headphone jack.

  • Power Button

    If the button is jammed, missing, or is unresponsive.

  • Ear speaker

    If you hear fuzzy/cracking sounds, if sound fades in and out, or there is no sound at all.

  • Front/Rear cameras

    If the camera is cracked, not opening, or obscured.

  • Side buttons

    If the volume buttons are jammed, missing, or unresponsive & if the mute switch is sticking or jammed.

  • Loudspeaker

    If you can’t hear your audio or use speaker phone.