water damaged iphone

Water damaged iPhone – what to do

Water damaged iPhone – there is no fool proof way of keeping your iPhone safe from damage. Especially damage incurred because of water or other liquids. After you have gotten your iPhone, damage caused by water is just about the worst thing that can happen, and is even more upsetting if your phone was brand new.

Water damaged iPhone

So what to do when you got water damaged iPhone ?  It won’t help to put your water damaged device into bag of rice. In this case your device will work for number of weeks, but when the oxidation process will take over, it will be impossible to recover your device. 95% of water damaged phones can be fixed. You have to bring it to use within 24 hours after water damage happened. Trying to dismantle the iPhone yourself will only cause more damage that will make it irreparable.

When the iPhone has been in the water for some time, it is best to get it to an experienced and skilled technician as soon as possible. Please note – do not switch it on again. It is best to leave the checking and restoration works to the expert. Trying to ‘revive’ the iPhone yourself most likely will cause more damage to it. Although self helps may seem plausible, a lot of circuitry may still be impacted without the proper cleaning and checking. West Cork Phone Fix technician is more knowledgeable and experienced with such repairs. Having the right tools and resources to handle the situation better and more effectively.