touchscreen digitizer

Replace TouchScreen Digitizer or My Smartphone?

So the touchscreen digitizer for your smartphone has been acting up. Should you replace your cell phone? Can you repair it? What is less expensive?

In many instances the issue is merely that your touch screen digitizer went bad, for one reason or another. The usual reason is from your cellphone getting dropped or struck against a hard surface. Occasionally the damage is visible, though quite often not.

The touchscreen digitizer is usually similar to a thin clear plastic film which adheres to the glass screen of the smartphone or iPad style device which has a touch screen. The digitizer then links to the motherboard of the smartphone and sends data regarding the position and actions of the finger or stylus touching the screen. The digitizer is responsible for the operations of the touch screen. So essentially, any data input obtained by way of the touch screen such as touching an icon or virtual keyboard, scrolling, handwriting recognition or any reaction associated with the touching of the screen. For most devices with a touch screen the digitizer is the only method of data input.

How can you know if that could be what is wrong with your smartphone or tablet?

Here are a few of the warning signs of a digitizer problem:
· Touchscreen isn’t reacting if touched.
· Touchscreen is sluggish to react to touch.
· Some sections of the touch screen appear to be dead and don’t react to touch.
· Some spots on the screen frequently react incorrectly and occasionally erratically whenever touched.
· Sometimes programs simply appear to open up at random by themselves.

If one or a few of these issues are happening with your smartphone, you probably have a bad or broken digitizer. A digitizer cannot be fixed, it needs to be replaced.

The solution – just replace it. It’s not very expensive. It’s definitely not nearly as costly as replacing your Blackberry, Samsung or iPhone.
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